More About Us



Kenton Cycle Repair started in the 2020 N McClellan Space in 2012. The 740 sq ft shop quickly became packed to the gills with all things bike. Since then, the shop has grown has grown with the community. We're now located a block away at 1926 N Kilpatrick St. It's more space for all the things bike, and people we have. No more running into each other!

We appreciate your business!

Who: Owner, Rich Walker

Rich began his career at the Community Cycling Center in 2004. In his 8 years there he repaired nearly ever type of bicycle made. He also taught maintenance classes and encouraged all his customers to get their bikes “hecka tightened up." He started Kenton Cycle Repair in 2012. He takes his time with each customer to make sure he knows exactly what they need, want, and expect. He's dedicated to fixing bikes, running the shop, and being an all around good guy.

Who: Designer, Operations, Marbry Walker

In addition to running her own brand, and graphic design business Marbry Walker designed the KCR logo, and creates the majority of marketing materials for the shop. She also steps in as the bookkeeper, branding consultant, and all around go-to human for the shop.

Who: Part-Owner, Ashley Mitchell

Ash has been in the cycling industry since 2008. She enjoys long walks on the beach in addition to riding her bicycle for long distances. She’s passionate about archaic vintage bicycle technologies and knowing how things work.

Who: KCR Mechanics

Skyler Koski-Vogt, "13 years ago, David Kuch told me to go to UBI (United Bicycle Institute) and he would give ma job at the Community Cycling Center. So I did! I've worked at shops ever since. When I'm not wrenching and pleasing at KCR, I can be found shredding the gnar with my dog." - Skyler

Brian Manning, comes from the east coast but has been in Oregon long enough to be a true northwesterner. He’s worked in a number of shops, and has a great knack for problem solving repairs, and making everyone - coworkers and customers alike feel welcome and comfortable.

Tree Davis, is an artist first, and an exemplary mechanic. She's especially good at problem solving bizarre bicycle malfunctions. In her spare time she repairs lamps and other assorted electrical devices, and paints. She is a guest star mechanic with KCR.

Who: KCR Volunteers

David Kuch, is a master of mechanics, invention, and building catios. He's a former bicycle shop owner, and spent a long time as Shop Manager of the Community Cycling Center. He's now an dedicated volunteer with KCR, the Community Cycling Center, and is an avid rower.

Who: Shop Dog

Josie Wales has grown up in bike shops. She loves the smell of grease and rubber. She's an excellent greeter, quite demanding of pets, and goes on bicycle test rides to ensure quality control. She's paid in treats only due to her frequent naps, and horsing around on the job.