Classes & Workshops

Hands on courses tailored to you and your bike needs. Taught by Ashley, who has been teaching inclusive bike courses for 8 years. Snacks and beverages welcome, and provided. Payment is due at sign up. No refunds beginning 1 week prior to day of course. 

For a friend? No problem. We can make a gift certificate for whichever course you'd like, or choose your own adventure!

Call to reserve your spot, or email

Class & Workshop Schedule - Winter 2016

Q&A Ask a Mechanic Party - Sunday, MARCH 6th 6-8pm - Free

Wine provided. Event Q&A for the new rider, or long term rider wanting to expand their knowledge and have fun! Questions will be answered hands on, and all are welcome to share knowledge they have in this forum style session. Questions submitted via index card for added enjoyment! 

Flat Tire Shenanigans - Sunday, February 7th, 930-1130am - $25

*Students receive tire levers and a patch kit*

This course will show you all the ins and outs of getting a fresh tube in your tire, patching a tube, using cartridges and dealing with all the weird things that cause flats. (4 spots)

Wheel Building (2 sessions) - Sunday, February 21th 6-9 AND Sunday, February, 28th 6-8 - $110 + parts

*You'll receive 20% off hubs and rims purchased from KCR.*

Build your own wheels. In the first session students will lace a wheel from start to finish and understand how to calculate their spoke length for the wheel being built and any that come after. In Session 2 students will true their newly laced wheels from zero tension to completion, including uniform tension and use of a tensiometer. Student coordinate with Instructor no less than 1 week before course start to choose hub, rim, and allow time to order spokes. (2 spots)

My Bike is Filthy (and that's OK) - Tuesday, February 23rd 6-8 - $25

*You'll have access to all cleaning and lube products and go home with a bottle of lube.*

Commuters are encouraged to attend this workshop on their way home from work. Snacks provided to keep the hangry away. You will walk away with a clean bike and a good understanding of how to keep their trusty bike going strong. No one will judge how nar your bike is. (4 spots)

Wheel Truing - Sunday, February 28th, 6-8pm - $40

     *You'll receive a spoke wrench sized to your wheels and...                                                                                                        Students in the wheel building course attend at no cost as part of the series.*

Demystify or practice your wheel truing skills to keep them living strong. Spokes are like guitar strings that need to be tuned. Do it well and magic happens, wing it and the outcome can be dicey. You will go home with an understanding of truing, and will have trued a wheel radially, laterally, and centered the dish. (2 spots + WB students)